Messages for Healthcare Heroes

In the recent weeks we asked our supporters to send a message of encouragement and support to our brave medical volunteers who are on the frontlines in the fight against Covid-19 in the UK, working to keep us safe. We were overwhelmed by the amazing messages we received, so we’re sharing some of them with you. If you want to send your message, please click here.

Keep up your excellent work.
Thousands will remember you in their prayers.”

Sophie, London

“Your face is your passport to the world, you make their world a much better place…Thank you.”


MWI_2019_Llongwe_Nurse_Jackie Matthews_
PACU Nurse Jackie Matthews, United Kingdom. Operation Smile’s 2019 mission to Kazumu Central Hospital, Lilongwe. Malawi. 4th - 13th April.   (Operation Smile Photo - Zute Lightfoot)

“For your selflessness, for your bravery, for your commitment to helping people in need, thank you.”

Kendra, Purcellville

“Thank you all for your selfless work fighting Covid-19. You are all amazing!! Take care and keep safe!”

Trisha and Brian, England

“You’re awesome, you’re amazing, you are so appreciated and the good that you do is life changing, for not just individuals, but entire families, with repercussions stretching beyond our generation. Keep going, be strong, you are heroes and we are so very thankful.”

Philippa, London

“What can I say but thank you. The love, care, dedication, bravery and endless hard work that you guys are administering on our behalf is overwhelming. My wife and I are 70 and I have had a heart valve replacement operation so we have been are self isolating for 3 weeks. We are taking every step to avoid the virus, so as not to put a drain on the medical profession. THANK YOU.”

Mike, Leicestershire

“You are all selfless heroes and we cannot thank you enough for all the hard work your doing. We will be eternally grateful for your efforts. THANK YOU!”

Sophie, London

“Well done! Keep it up. We need you!! Thank you”

Peter, England

MOZ_2019_Nampula_Surgeon_Ulrike Lamle_
Ulrika Lamle, Cleft Surgeon, United Kingdom. Operation Smile Mission to Nampula, Mozambique - Hospital Central De Nampula. August 2 - 9 2019 (Operation Smile Photo - Zeke du Plessis)

“Thank you for all you are doing in these challenging times- it makes such a difference! You are clearly so brave and unselfish. Thank you again.”

Jaki, Nottingham

“Thank you for all you do, especially in these difficult times. Thinking of you.
Best wishes from our family”

Anthea, Bristol

“Thank you so very much for your heroism, compassion, dedication and skill. Thank you too for your patience until you can continue healing people’s cleft lips and palates again, and for your amazing strength in giving help in the meantime. You embody a wonderful future for our planet, full of love and care for each other. Joy, health, love and peace to you all!”

Clare, Falkirk

Thank you for your selfless service to humanity, especially during this time odd pandemic. You are all in our prayers. With love”

Susan, UK

“Thank you for all your incredible hard work 🙂 You are making such a difference to people’s lives, stay strong and stay safe x.”

Kirie, London

“Such dedication working with Operation Smile and now dedication and bravery on the frontline in the fight against Covid 19. Stay safe and know that we care about you all.”

Barbara, Scotland

“You are all doing a great job. My prayers are with you that you all remain healthy so we can all return soon to normal lives. God Bless You.”

Margaret, England

“Dear NHS Doctors, Nurses, Staff and Workers;

Thank you very much for being there for us and sacrificing your own lives to save us.

We are very lucky and blessed to have you angels supporting us all the way through this difficult time.

Love you all from the bottom of our hearts

Wish you and your family all the best

Warmest regards”

Pejman, London

“Thank you for putting in all the years of hard work and training that have made you the medical experts you are today. Thank you especially for your commitment and bravery to help fight Covid-19. You are an inspiration to us all. We are so proud of you and immensely grateful that you are here.”

Jean, The Wirral

VNM_2014_Hanoi_021_Bui Van Danh_After_
021, Danh Bui Van, Male, 3 years old, UCL, after, Anesthesiologist Clive Duke from the UK carries Bui from the operating table following surgery.

25th Anniversary of Operation Smile in Vietnam mission November 15th - 23rd 2014.  Vietnam Cuba Friendship Hospital. Hanoi. Vietnam.

(Operation Smile Photo - Zute Lightfoot)

“We cannot thank you all enough for your dedication, care and bravery. Knowing we have people like you out there to help us through this awful virus is amazing and reassuring in these scary times. Please take care of yourselves and lets hope this ends soon. Thinking of you all..we will never forget what you have done and will always appreciate what you do xx”

Sharon, London

All of you have my greatest admiration for your hard work and selflessness in the face of the current coronavirus crisis – you are doing a great job in really difficult circumstances. May the joy and comfort you bring to others’ lives rebound and manifest many times over in your own lives. Take care, and peace be with you.”

Supporter from Melton Mowbray

“Thank you to you all … you are amazing and we are indebted to your commitment and compassion to your patients.”

Sara, Telford

“Dear volunteer, THANK YOU! You are an amazing person to do what you do. Well done for keeping going in such difficult circumstances. I am so encouraged and inspired by your work, you are truly selfless and it’s deeply appreciated

Rosie, UK

“As a teacher of forty years service I support your work with Operation Smile as I understand the need for each of us to be accepted socially if we are to advance in this life. As the concerned mother of a Glasgow GP I applaud your dedication and commitment to fighting this pandemic for the benefit of all. Please accept my thanks for your life changing work.”


“You are doing a great job! Keep it up. We are all behind you. Best wishes”

David, England

As a supporter of Smile, the work you do there is extraordinary; to now be on the front-line of the Covid-19 crisis goes beyond that. Know you are appreciated and what you do is so humbling. Thank you for being wonderful human beings. Stay safe.”

Y, Shropshire


“Dear Operation Smile Volunteers, how proud I am to know that there are such wonderful people as yourselves ready to help those so afflicted and what perfect results, those smiles say it all. This retched Covid-19 is making your task so much more difficult I will continue to help as often as I can. May God bless you all.”

Supporter from Lincolnshire

“Just wanted to say that you are all truly amazing people, the world needs more people like you you in it, thank you so much for the important work you do, making such a massive difference to peoples lives thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Jane, Gainsborough


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